Who’s Your Momma?


This is Jalapeño. She is one of six little peppers charming everyone at PAWS.


Cayenne and little black Poblano.


Here’s Chilaca. Habanero and Serrano have already been adopted. Kittens come and go pretty fast at the shelter, but sometimes it takes a little longer for their Moms to find new homes.

Introducing Chili Pepper!


You can see where the kittens got their good looks.
This young mother is permanently retired from the kitten producing business. Chili Pepper is very affectionate to people. She tolerates other cats, but after six kittens, she’d love to be the only center of attention.


Chili Pepper is waiting at PAWS.

20 thoughts on “Who’s Your Momma?”

  1. My, my goodness, that is the cutest family and we wish them all the joy and happiness they can handle!

  2. The little peppers are adorable! And Chili Pepper is such a beautiful girl! I hope they all find forever homes very soon xoxo

  3. OMC! Chili Pepper, you are gorgeous! You had beautiful babies and we can see where they got their cuteness. Sending out adoption vibes to all forever families for you!

  4. They are so cute! Jalapeno is absolutely gorgeous! I am glad that Chilly Pepper doesn’t have to bear any more kittens. She is very beautiful.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! What completely beautiful babies and their momma…beyond gorgeous! I want her to find a home as well and quickly now that she is retired and has her children safe.

  6. What a pretty kitty she is…sending big purrs to her and her darling kits for wonderful, loving forever homes!

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