I’ve seen my cat in hunting mode with his whiskers sticking almost straight out of his face. Shippan’s whiskers are angled down but spread out. I wonder what he’s thinking… Maybe “Who are you and why are you pointing that little black box at me?”


Handsome five year old Shippan was a stray cat brought to PAWS. He’s friendly but cautious, making up his mind about all the new people, sounds, and smells- not to mention feline roommates!


Shippan has been fully vetted; he’s young, handsome, healthy, and ready for adoption.

Ely – Please Don’t Judge Me By My Ear!


While hanging out in a feral colony, young Ely was trapped and neutered. His ear was automatically tipped, which is the universal sign of a spayed or neutered feral cat. But, as they found out when he recovered from surgery, Ely is not feral at all! He is an affectionate charmer who loves the people in his foster home. Now this one year old happy outgoing cat needs a real forever home.
If you are interested in Ely, please email Ilona –

Update: Ely is now named Rufus the Red. Adopted by Rick and me!!!

10 thoughts on “Shippan”

  1. We met Shippan last weekend, and I was delighted when he jumped right into my lap and curled up for some pets and conversation. He’s a nice boy, and we hope he finds his happily ever after real soon.

    Thank you for including Ely, too. We haven’t met him yet, but hopefully we can this weekend (if he doesn’t get adopted before then).

  2. Shippan, I sure wish I didn’t have so many cats. I would take you in a skinny minute. We also hope that you both find some forever homes really soon.

  3. My Shippan, what great markings you have!
    And sweet too, you’re a keeper!

    And Ely those are fine jaunty ears!
    Maybe your new Mama will get you a little diamond stud for it . . .
    and then all the other kitties will be jealous!

  4. We live 2 blocks away from Shippen. HAH! I love the shape of this Shippan’s face. It resembles a tiger or wildcat. Love him. I think ear tipped cats are becoming common.

  5. Shippan has got such gorgeous whiskers! And Ely is adorable. I hope they both find forever homes very soon xoxo

  6. Shippan what a handsome boy you are with awesome whiskers! Ely sounds like you are such a sweetie, sending big purrs to you both for wonderful forever homes for you.

  7. Well, we fell head over whiskers for Shippan, altho I had to explain to Chopin that it was a different name from his, they sound so alike! Ely, we’re so glad it turned out you’re a little lovebug, ready to be loved, along with Shippan!!

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