Gentle Philip really really really wants to play.


Here’s the mighty hunter with his favorite prey.
Once Philip catches the mouse, and he WILL catch that mouse, he growls and won’t let go. You actually have to pry his jaws apart. You’ll understand what a sweet boy he is when I tell you that he lets you put your fingers in his mouth to retrieve the toy!


Friendly Philip is available for adoption at PAWS.

11 thoughts on “Philip”

  1. You look so handsome and we can see you are full of fun! Good luck, we’re purring for that wonderful forever home for you!

  2. Good heavens you are so cute Philip. Sounds like you are going to make someone a great cat. Great pictures.

  3. Philip is such a good kitty to let you put your fingers in his mouth to retrieve the toy. He is a gentlemancat 🙂 Purrs for him to find his forever home!

  4. Good News! I was just at PAWS and Philip’s name is on the adoption list. He’ll be going home next week.

  5. Oh Phillip. I am beyond delighted that you are going home next week. That brings happy tears to my eyes.

  6. Phillip is so, so cute. We were in the showcase room recently, and he was sprawled on the chair, with all four legs in the air. That tummy! 🙂

    His new family is really lucky. He’s a great kitty!

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