Nellie and Charlotte


Nellie, on the left, is the official greeter in Cat Room #4. Whenever someone comes in, she is right there chatting and waiting for head rubs. That’s her roommate Charlotte on the right.


Eleven year old Nellie was released by her people, but she’s really very happy at PAWS while she waits for a second chance – and better luck next time!


Pretty Charlotte is only two years old. She is a little shy, having gone through a lot of changes in fortune the last few months. Her new dream home would be quiet and calm, and a few cat friends would be welcome.

15 thoughts on “Nellie and Charlotte”

  1. Charlotte looks ear-tipped, or am I mistaken?

    They’re both lovely ladycats and I hope they find wonderful forever homes, and sooner than later. Purrs to them from Nicki and Derry!

  2. Nellie and Charlotte are both adorable! I don’t know what happened to Nellie’s former humans, but I hope she will find real forever home and family very soon. And I hope Charlotte’s dream home is just around the corner, too!

  3. Oh we so hope that Nellie finds a really nice home and soon. Poor thing lost her family. Charlotte, you are too cute peeking around the corner. Take care everyone.

  4. We love both Nellie and Charlotte! Nellie is definitely, like you say, the official greeter in Room 4. 🙂 And Charlotte is getting more confident every day. They’re both such great cats!

  5. Both Nellie and Charlotte are lovely ladies – we hope they will have good news soon and will be loved in their forever homes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Such beautiful girls… we don’t think they’ll be waiting long for their forever homes.
    Aww… I don’t think Charlotte is angry at all. It’s all in the facial markings. My Katie’s markings give her a more serious look. I can usually tell how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking based on her ears rather than her eyes or face. : ) Charlotte just looks like she’s hanging out.

    Happy Sunday, friends!

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