Shelter Cats

Chillaxing with Skipper and Chappy


Chappy, described as “XL” on his information card, is having no problem adjusting to life in the PAWS kitchen.


Likewise, his slightly smaller brother Skipper is taking their change in circumstance in stride. Chappy and Skipper are very sweet eight year old gentlemen.


Chappy’s only complaint is with the low calorie cuisine he and the rest of the kitchen cats receive. These boys have become shelter favorites because of their friendly welcoming personalities.


Skipper and Chappy are waiting for a new home at PAWS, but they’ll only be available together… that’s probably 40 or 50 pounds of love!

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6 years ago

Oh my, their cuteness is XL! What handsome brothers. I hope they find purrfect forever home together very soon!!

6 years ago

Amen to that, they need to stay together. We are sure purring for that purrfect forever together home boys!

6 years ago

What sweeties! There’s just extra to love.

6 years ago

The more to love the better, I am glad they will get to stay together.

S Hall
6 years ago

What a dashing duo!
That’s a whole lotta LOVE coming to some very lucky someone!
Sooner the better!

6 years ago

Ohhhh I am DYING!! They look like “Mr.Puddy!!” I sooo wish I were allowed to have another cat! (wait, make that TWO more cats!)

6 years ago

Great belly! xoxo

6 years ago

So, so cute! Shared and hope they’re adopted soon.

6 years ago

We will attest to the fact that these two are absolute sweethearts! Chappy is a real lapcat, and Skipper loves, loves, loves to play. They will bring so much joy to some lucky adopter!

6 years ago

OMC! You guys are being STARVED! I’ll bet your not starved for attention and love. Hope you get even more attention and love in a forever home.

6 years ago

They are precious! Sharing!

6 years ago

We are sure two handsome brothers like Chappy and Skipper will soon find themselves together in a happy home.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

6 years ago

Love you both, how darling you are! Purrs for an amazing forever home to come forward for you two!

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