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Catification- Cat Room #8


Welcome to Cat Room #8.
This small room (about 8X10) is our latest catification project at PAWS. Here you see it empty and freshly painted.


Meanwhile back at our house there was a lot of sketching, imagining, and model making. We even asked Mickey Mouser for advise.


Rick envisioned a stairway of boxes where the cats could stop off for a nap. They have a coat of primer here and are ready to go to PAWS.


Yea! Everything fits!


This is a preview of our work in progress. There are 4 boxes going up the wall on the left, two tiered shelves over the window, and a 6 foot rope wrapped climbing pole.

Next week I’ll show you what’s happening on the other walls… We can’t wait to see how the cats like it.

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