Happy News!


There has been a lot to celebrate at PAWS, in addition to the regular parade of kittens passing through the shelter on their way to happily-ever-afters.


I had planned to introduce the beautiful Angelina this week…


but she was adopted with Luna.
Even more exciting news…Jerome was adopted!


This photograph was taken in 2011. Jerome is a super sweet but shy cat. It took a long time for his perfect person to find him, but he’s home at last.

13 thoughts on “Happy News!”

  1. What a great news! I’m extra happy for Jerome 🙂
    I wish them all a very happy new life with their forever families!

  2. Yea for ALL!
    Great Gotcha Day indeed!
    Today my Sunny Sundancey Boy & Sweet Cocoa
    are celebrating their 8th anniversary with me!
    Each year just gets better and better . . .
    to all the new homes & loves just found
    you are very lucky indeed!
    Congratulations and much happiness!

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