A Visit to Cat Room #5


Through this door live some very wonderful cats!


Stormy, a lovely tortie girl, and the very sociable handsome Chip (who must be adopted with his brother Dale) are here while they await new homes.


Mindy has been at PAWS since 2011 when she was five years old. She is a quiet cat, and while she enjoys being brushed and gently petted, she doesn’t invite attention. Mindy gets along well with all her roommates…


Even the curious active Mimi!


12 thoughts on “A Visit to Cat Room #5”

  1. Awww they are all adorable! Mindy is a very beautiful girl. I hope someone finds her very soon, and of course, everyone else, too!

  2. It breaks my heart that she has been there so long, I wish I could adopt her, but I am at full capacity with 15. I pray they all get forever homes soon.

  3. Love the picture through the window. That one cat wants to know just why you haven’t come in the room. Sure hope they all find their forever homes soon. Thanks for your kind words about Ande.

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