Perfect Pairs


Kittens: The tabby with white is Elsa, and grey tabby is Anna.


Hippity (left) and Hoppity (right) have been at PAWS for years now. It’s not unusual to find these shy brothers cuddled up together.


That’s Marshall in the foreground and his brother Hubble in the back. They are just three years old, playful and friendly.

Why adopt two cats?

The cats won’t be lonely while you are away at work.
They will get more exercise and playtime with each other.
They will tend to be better socialized and less skittish.
They groom each other and stay cleaner.
You will be saving two lives and will get twice the love!

Come to PAWS and pick up a pair!

14 thoughts on “Perfect Pairs”

  1. You’ll actually save 4 lives cos then 2 other cats can be rescued by PAWS. I’m gonna be spotlighting your Izzy tomorrow. When the peeps went to adopt me, they really wanted a pair but CAP didn’t have a pair. They came home with 2 cats but Mitzi didn’t work out. She was too shy and spent the 10 days she was here UTB.

  2. Such sweeties- I wish I could adopt them all. I am glad they get to be together. When I went to adopt Sammy, no one told me he had a sister,once I saw her there was no way I was going to leave her behind.

  3. They are such purrfect pairs! I hope they will find forever homes together!
    Here Niko gets more exercise because Goro always chases him around 🙂

  4. And two cats that love each other are HAPPY!

    These gorgeous pairs have taken the guess work out who to pair together. Some very lucky people just need to take them home!
    • • •

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