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Family Mythology


Ceto, the tuxie girl kitten on the left, and Pontus, in white with black, are actually a sea god and goddess. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They are extremely well socialized and nicely behaved kittens, as is their brother Nereus below.


Their mom is the lovely Gaia, great mother goddess in Greek mythology. She certainly produced some cute kittens!


Gaia is resting from her labors now and will be available after her spay. Her kittens were all adopted together!

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7 years ago

Hooray for a terrific adoption and now it is Time for the Mom too!

7 years ago

you mean someone else adopted three kittens?! I love when that happens. Their people will spend the next few months laughing harder than they ever have in their life.

7 years ago

Such fun pictures, Maggie! Pontus spent some time with us Sunday. He totally loved being held like a little baby (on his back). SO sweet. It’s so awesome that they were all adopted! 🙂

Now to get Gaia a forever home, too.


7 years ago

Oh those kittens are so cute. Those people are so smart to adopt all three. That is so so great that they get to be together. The Mom is every bit as cute and hopefully will find a home soon.

7 years ago

We love how all three kittens have been adopted together – we hope their new family will enjoy the time they have three sets of paws finding lots of mischief!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

7 years ago

The kittens are really adorable, and so is the mom! I’m so happy the kittens were able to stay together; I bet they will have a lifelong bond.

7 years ago

Absolutely adorable family! Yippee for together kitten adoptions! Gaia has certainly proven herself and is so much more beautiful without her mama bits. Purring adoption vibes out into the forever family world!

7 years ago

Great news about the kitten adoption! Hopefully Gaia finds her home soon.

S Hall
7 years ago

What a wonderful & smart human to adopt all three precious ones!
Kudos to all, especially the one to soon adopt the Mama . . .


7 years ago

Very cute kittens and Mama is pretty too- I hope she gets a forever home soon.

7 years ago

Happy news that the kittens have been adopted! Sharing and hoping that Gaia finds a purrfect home soon.

Katie Isabella
7 years ago

Oh you dear dear beautify; sweet babies and mommy. xoxoxoxox forever!

7 years ago

Such cute cats.

7 years ago

They are so cute! So glad they were adopted together! Hope mom finds a forever home soon too!

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