Cinder(ella) and the Six Dwarfs


I couldn’t resist that fractured fairy tale title…
Petite and beautiful, polydactyl momcat Cinder has done a fine job raising her six kittens. After the kittens were weaned and she had her operation to retire from producing anymore, she was adopted.
Her kittens won’t be at PAWS for very long, but I can’t resist showing them off.

eAvaRhobieThese girl kittens have an abundance of whiskers and extra toes!




This tale has a happy ending. Cinder was brought to PAWS quite pregnant. A kind volunteer took her home and fostered the cat family until the kittens were old enough to enter PAWS, which is a no-kill shelter. They had loving care, good food, vet visits, and lots of socialization.

I wish this story was the norm and not the fairy tale. In the USA every year millions of homeless cats and kittens are euthanized or end up in shelters.
Fortunately, these six kittens will all be spayed or neutered so that they will not add to the problem. The two gray kittens have already been adopted and I’m sure the others will be soon.

16 thoughts on “Cinder(ella) and the Six Dwarfs”

  1. We were so excited when Cinder got adopted. We know her babies will all find their happily ever afters very soon.

    Sobering facts about all of the homeless kitties being euthanized each year. Thank goodness for PAWS and other rescues.

  2. Cinders and her kits are gorgeous! Just look at all those toesies. 🙂 They are some of the lucky ones to be brought to PAWS. We purr for those not as fortunate.

  3. I’m so glad all these kitties have found their way to PAWS. It makes me so sad that so many kitties are euthanized for space! 🙁 I’m hoping that every shelter will become no-kill in the future.

    I’m sure all of those adorable kittens will have no problem finding homes!

  4. Cinder sure is a cute cat. So glad she found a home. And those kittens are just adorable. Interesting, the white kitty. Hope they find a home really soon. Tale care.

  5. The thought of euthanising lovely healthy kitties just breaks my heart! These are so adorable, I am sure they will find homes. The whiskers alone are a winner! 🙂

  6. What bundles of love each and every kitten is – I love the photos and their story!
    Thank you so much for sharing these beauties at Create With Joy! 🙂

  7. Cinder is such a beautiful girl. Glad she found her forever home!
    And her babies are all so adorable. I bet they find forever homes in no time 🙂

  8. So beautiful, the whole family is just gorgeous! And Cinder is all the much more without her mama-making bits. Sending adoption vibe purrs out for all forever families!

  9. What darlings they all are! So happy Mom Cinder got adopted, purrs to the remaining kitties for wonderful forever homes!

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