Catification Continues!


Simba is relaxing in a wall hammock during his exploration of PAWS’ new Show Room.


The Show Room is in the lobby of the shelter where people enter and wait to be helped. Here you see it empty, while several volunteers were painting and cleaning it up.


AFTER! A tree decal has been applied to the wall, and shelves, nesting cups, and the wall hammock installed.


Here’s the side view. You can see the sisal covered shelves along the window and the stairs up to them.


My husband Rick Wetzel designed, built, and installed all these things. And our favorite photograph of our Tommie hangs above on the right.

Tommie wasn’t a PAWS cat, but we hope that people who adopt shelter cats everywhere will enjoy the kind of long loving life that we had with him.


UPDATE: Simba has been adopted!

25 thoughts on “Catification Continues!”

  1. Wow, how beautiful, love the catification! And how special that Tommie’s picture will hang there. Happy Easter to you!

  2. This truly is fantastic, just wonderful. Kudos to your hubby and to all involved in this project. It really will showcase the cats waiting for their forever homes, and it’s so much healthier for them to have a space like this, than to be confined 24/7 to cages. Well done!

    P.S. Happy Easter too!

  3. Wow, that is one beautiful room. How great to do all that and especially having Tommy’s picture in there. Good stuff.

  4. WOW!
    This looks a Kitty Palace!
    My kitties are jealous, they want a Rick!

    Love that color coordinated Simba showing the place off.
    Vanna better watch out, he may be turning her letters soon.
    He has flare, hope someone takes him home soon.
    • • •

  5. Oh wow! What a super wonderful catification! I love love love everything. Your husband is very talented! It’s wonderful Tommie is watching over shelter kitties. Such environment will help kitties feel more confident and give potential adopters chance to see kitties being more themselves 🙂
    Only one problem – kitties feel so comfortable and pleasant that they may not want to leave PAWS 🙂

  6. This is SO beautiful… and what fun for the kitties too!
    You both inspire me so much! How wonderful and generous to share your time and talents for the shelter cats. Not only do the cats love it, I would imagine when potential adopters visit, this kind of environment makes them want to bring a kitty home even more!

  7. So great!
    Maybe you should have a page of instructions for the adopters so they can catify their homes a little bit for their new furbabies.

  8. I love what you all do with PAWS! I wish Cat Care would do some of these things. It would make the shelter more lively and more fun for the kitties.

  9. So beautiful and peaceful looking! Love that Tommy is watching over everything and everyone. We’d love to know more about how to make in stall those cool hammicks and perches some day!

  10. TW loves that wall stencil. We had a neigh who puts them on the outside of his door. It brightens up the hall. Simba is so handsome. Can’t wait for him to graduate!

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