Synchronized Snoozing


Nessa Rose (foreground) and Stormy have perfected their technique.


Take a look at Rose’s cute polydactyl toes!

These two female cats are friendly, young, and healthy. They have been spayed, they are up to date with their shots, and they are ready to pack their bags for home.


I was all ready to introduce you to Crash today. But when I got to PAWS, her name was on the adoption board and she had already left the building.


Congratulations, Crash!

15 thoughts on “Synchronized Snoozing”

  1. Awwww that’s a purrfect synchronizes napping 🙂 I hope both Rose and Stormy will find forever home soon! Congratulations to Crash on her new home! She is such a cutie. I wish her a very happy new life!

  2. Great synchronized napping by Nessa Rose and Stormy. They are both such nice cats! Crash was being considered a bunch of people on Sunday. We wonder which of them adopted her? 🙂

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