(Honest Abe) Lincoln


Lincoln is a vibrantly healthy stray tabby brought to PAWS in mid February. He’s a young cat, about two years old.
Lincoln is very confident, friendly, and active. A master of the wand toy, you should see his airborne gymnastics, hunting and leaping.


He played until he was panting and I hid the wand toy away. Then Lincoln laid down to rest in the most peculiar way. Look at his flat rear and the way his back legs are splayed. Do your cats lay like that? Maybe he’s part rabbit…

Handsome Lincoln is happy to be off the streets, but his rags to riches story would have an even better ending if he were elected President. Or got adopted.

17 thoughts on “(Honest Abe) Lincoln”

  1. Lincoln, you look like such a fantastic cat. Bet you do enjoy life. We so hope you find a great home and very soon.

  2. What a sweetie Lincoln is! We bet you’re a real fun-seeker!

    We’ve seen a couple of kitties on other blogs pose like that… but no one here does it. We agree with meowmeowmans… Lincoln must have a little bunny in him!

  3. Lincoln is such a handsome kitty with gorgeous tail! He sounds very playful. And his resting posture…..so cute and precious! I hope he will find forever home soon!
    P.S. About your comment, Goro sleeps with his dad. We sleep in separate bed, because otherwise kids start a cat fight!

  4. What a handsome boy Lincoln is, love that pic of him with his legs out! Sending big purrs his way for a safe, loving forever home to come forward for him!

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