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Cats Being Cats


There was a lot of relaxing going on at PAWS.

When someone put this small carpeted cat house in C5, Mimi (on top) and Stormy (below) took up immediate residence. They are mild-mannered young ladies who get along well with others.


Stormy also has been enjoying one of the wall-mounted nesting boxes.


Our own Truffles has the unfortunate title of longest cat resident at PAWS. A volunteer gave her a nice soft bed, and lined it with a towel for extra padding. She tunneled her way underneath, and here she is, looking adorable.

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7 years ago

Oh they are all so cute. PAWS really takes good care of them but we do hope that they find that forever home really soon.

7 years ago

Y’all sure look mighty sweet!

7 years ago

omg they are so adorable! I swear PAWS always has the CUTEST cats, but it makes me sad…but…you DO have adopters for so many! xoxo

7 years ago

They are all adorable! I hope Truffle’s wait will be over soon. Love the wall-mounted box. The painting is super cute!

7 years ago

So beautiful! Sending out strong adoption vibes for all the PAWS kitties, and especially for Truffles!

7 years ago

Such sweeties 🙂 I wish I could adopt Truffles.

They’re beautiful kitties. Truffle is gorgeous, and it’s hard to believe that she’s the longest PAWS resident!

7 years ago

Poor little Truffles. What a tail on Mimi. Best of luck to all the residents.

7 years ago

We adore Truffle, and really hope she gets the home she deserves real soon. We are positive she’ll do great in a home of her own … all she needs is a chance.

Room 5 looks awesome — we meant to tell you how much we love that painting you did in the wall box!

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