Pasha is presently living in a foster home and happy to be inside during this brutally cold Connecticut Winter.
She was rescued in a TNR operation, but it was soon apparent that Pasha is not a feral cat.

Her foster mother says, “It’s almost impossible to get a good photo of her because the moment you even look in her direction she comes up to you and starts rubbing against you looking for attention.”
You can read more about this petite young Maine Coon and find Pasha’s adoption information HERE.

Happy Year of the Sheep!

5 thoughts on “Pasha”

  1. Aw Pasha is very pretty. She’s got such beautiful smile! And she sounds very friendly and sweet. I think she’ll find her forever home pretty quickly 🙂
    Your illustration is so lovely! I love all the gentle colors and the sheep’s pretty coat. Happy Year of Sheep!

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