Habanero and Kir


Introducing Habanero!
We don’t think this handsome and friendly young male will be at the shelter long.


This is Kir, who had a lovely batch of kittens. They’ve been adopted and it’s time for their young Mom to relax in a home of her own.


Kir gets along with other cats and likes people too. Come to PAWS and meet your special somebody.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE: It’s a Happy Valentine’s Day for Habanero. He’s been adopted!

13 thoughts on “Habanero and Kir”

  1. Habanero is such a handsome kitty! And Kir is very lovely girl with beautiful eyes. I hope they both find forever home very soon xoxo Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Yay Habanero, way to go! Wishing a wonderful forever home for Kir, hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day Maggie, Tommie & Mickey Mouser!

  3. They are so adorable. Habanero reminds me of my Charlie when he was a kitten and Kir reminds me of my Midge (my oldest). So happy for Habanero. Here’s hoping the other babies soon find their forever homes. Beautiful photos!

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