Shelter Cats

The New Girls


When Molly and Annie went to their new homes, there were empty cages in Cat Room #1. But not for long!

Introducing the new girls:


Lucinda is the sweetest cat! Her right ear is folded down giving her a jaunty attitude. As soon as you open her cage, she just wants to give you love and kisses.


Pretty Brownie isn’t as outgoing, yet. She’s still adjusting to the new room and roommates.


She forgets to be shy when there’s a good toy to play with.

These two lovelies are available at PAWS.

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7 years ago

Our first thought was oh, what happened to her ear? LOL. Cute! Love her little fangs peeking out too. Purrs to them both, we hope they both find wonderful forever homes in due course.

7 years ago

That is so exciting about Molly and Annie found their new forever home. And we want Lucinda, but as you know we are full. She is so cute and her little ear is too cute. Brownie, that is Mahoney’s favorite toy.Take care.

7 years ago

Lucinda and Brownie are both very sweet. We spent some nice time with them both on Sunday afternoon. Lucinda was giving us lots of kisses and headbonks. And Brownie was feeling pretty social — we sat on the floor, and laughed as she rolled around and played. 🙂

7 years ago

So cute…are they bonded? how old? is her ear permanently that way?????

They are loverly.

7 years ago

such cutie pies!

7 years ago

Lucinda and Brownie are both adorable! Sometimes Goro folds down his ear when bathing himself 🙂 I hope they will follow Molly and Annie and find forever homes of their own!

7 years ago

What wonderful news for Annie and Molly!

Lucinda is adorable! We love her folded ear! : ) Looks like her other one is standing up extra straight to make up for it! hehe!

And Brownie’s got the right idea with that cool Neko Flies toy. A little playtime with that and she’ll gain more confidence!

Don’t worry, sweeties… you’ll find a new forever home very soon. We just know it!

7 years ago

Hey girls you really picked a great rescue. I am sure you will have homes licity split

7 years ago

Oh such sweet beauties they are and we hope love stops by and scoops them up soon.

7 years ago

So happy for the previous girls ~ shared the new girls on Twitter & Facebook! They are both adorable 🙂

7 years ago

They are so pretty, especially Lucinda.

7 years ago

For every one that leaves, there is another waiting to take its place. A never ending parade. So nice that there are places for them to go while looking for a home.

7 years ago

I love Lucinda’s fangs

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