Getting to Know You!


What was Buster studying?


Fourteen year old Buster was checking out his roommate Lucinda. It’s good to be cautious when introducing cats, but these two will get along fine.



Quite a few kittens were adopted at PAWS last week. And we’re especially pleased that two older cats, 15 year old calico Calliope and 10 year old Sydney, found good homes.

15 thoughts on “Getting to Know You!”

  1. Buster and Lucinda are both so sweet and gentle. We’re glad to see they get along so well. And yes, it was amazing that both Calliope and Sydney were adopted the same weekend. We were lucky enough to meet both of their new humans (who we really liked)! 🙂

  2. Buster and Lucinda are both so adorable. I’m very happy that Sydney and Calliope found forever homes! I feel extra happy when senior kitties get adopted 🙂 Wishing them a wonderful new life!!

  3. Oh Buster, you are so darn cute and Lucinda is now my favorite. I hope they both find the most wonderful homes. Glad the other two found homes. Maggie, I would like to write you an email but lost all my emails when my computer died. So if you could write to me. I will have yours. Mine is

  4. Sydney and Calliope are both lovely and it’s great to hear that older cats have found great homes. Buster made us smile when he leaned down from his perch and was peeking down at Lucinda.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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