A Tale of Two Rooms


It was a peaceful scene in Cat Room #4 on Sunday morning.

There’s a new bed with room enough for everycat. Hippity (or maybe that’s Hoppity), Daphne, Ryker, and Marley were all enjoying a communal nap.



Meanwhile, across the hall…


There’s a new guy named Bradley in Cat Room #5.


Five year old Bradley and young Jack were having a fairly friendly wrestling match.

I think it was a draw.

All of these cats are ready and waiting at the PAWS shelter in Norwalk, CT.

News Flash!

Bradley, Jack, and his sister Annie were all adopted together.

12 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Rooms”

  1. Oh gosh, they are all so good looking. We sure have our paws crossed that they find their homes really soon. They are all so cute. Have a great day.

  2. Aww how cute everyone is hanging out together!
    Love the photos of Bradley and Jack wrestling. They look very playful, and both so handsome!

  3. That new day bed is awesome! The cats (and volunteers) love it, and it helps potential adopters see the kitties in a home-like setting. 🙂

    Bradley has settled in nicely with the Room 5 cats!

  4. I am thinking of employing a new photographer. Such great photos! Do you want the job? MOL

    Seriously, wishing all the best for forever homes for these sweet kitties!

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