Shelter Cats

Shy Cats at PAWS


Sometimes I find him hiding in the corner. Sometimes there’s a Ryker shaped lump under a sheet. Seven year old Ryker purrs – when you can reach him to rub his big head.


He’s very shy but calm and quiet. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get to know a cat, but it’s well worth the effort!


Gentle Naomi is another timid cat. She’s only three years old.


Both Ryker and roommate Naomi get along well with other cats. They are available at PAWS.

For the month of December, PAWS has partnered with Best Friends to reduce adoption fees for cats and dogs. You can add a grateful loving companion to your home for only $25.

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7 years ago

We hope they find wonderful, loving, PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING forever homes!

7 years ago

My goodness, such stunning kitties!

7 years ago

Ryker and Naomi are both very nice. We know that they’ll both blossom in the right, quiet and patient homes.

7 years ago

Ryker and Naomi are both so adorable! Shy kitties may be overlooked but they are wonderful. When I visit shelter, I crouch down and look for shy kitties who are hiding. They are often the biggest purrer 🙂

7 years ago

They are both really cute. It is definitely worth it to take the time to get to know a shy kitty. 🙂

7 years ago

What sweeties… my heart always goes out to the shy kitties. I know that they are often overlooked. But my Katie is a perfect example of a loving and wonderful shy cat that has completely changed my world.

7 years ago

They awe gawjus. Weez purrayin’ and sharin’ fur them to get a pawsum home.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

7 years ago

SUch beauties, I hope they get their forever homes for Christmas.

7 years ago

So cute!

7 years ago

Thank you for sharing these beautiful cats at our Wordless Wednesday party at Create With Joy! I hope they are able to find forever homes for Christmas!

Be sure to stop by and visit “The Hope Tree”! 🙂

Merry Christmas to you!

7 years ago

What sweeties they both are, we send big purrs for them both to find loving, safe forever homes where they will blossom.

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