Shelter Cats

Home for the Holidays


Beautiful owl-eyed Sydney is 10 years old. Sydney is definitely on Santa’s Nice List.


Marlee is a friendly gentle cat. At 9 years old she’s done with all that annoying kittenish misbehavior. She just needs a friend to cuddle with.
Sydney and Marlee are waiting at PAWS.


And here’s our own Mickey Mouser (failed foster cat). He had a rough start in life as a tiny underweight feral kitten rescued by PAWS volunteers. He’s wishing a warm safe home for everycat.

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7 years ago

Marlee looks like she really needs a good friend. And Sydney, you sure are one good looking black cat.Hope you both find some great homes.

7 years ago

Sydney and Marlee are both adorable! I hope they find forever homes and family to celebrate holidays to come together. Mickey Mouser looks so cute with the ribbon 🙂 I hope his wish comes true xoxo

7 years ago

Aww all are beautiful. I have 4 that i know of homeless cats. It sickens me how people r so cruel, im hoping to try and get free food to feed them and a shelter box to. Wish i could be like the cat house on the kings lady and have space for hundreds of animals.

7 years ago

Such beauties, I pray they all get their forever homes for Christmas.

7 years ago

Oh Goodness, they are all so beautiful…… Will be crossing all paws for them to get their forever homes by Christmas <3

7 years ago

Such beautiful cats. I hope you have forever homes for the holidays.

7 years ago

Awww… we sure hope Sydney and Marlee can have a real home for the holidays and forever. 9 and 10 years old … they sure deserve a lot of love.

…and Mickey Mouser… you are just way too cute!!! You always make us smile.
: )

7 years ago

Oh they do deserve lots of lovin’. Hope they can get it soon!! xx

7 years ago

Sydney and Marlee are both so sweet and gentle. How awesome would a forever home for the holidays, for them both, be?

Looking good, Mickey Mouser! 🙂


7 years ago

Pretty, pretty Sydney and Marlee. Sending cuddles and soft purrs and adoption vibes out to your forever families so they will get themselves to you soon! PURRS…

7 years ago

I sure hope those beautiful ones get to go home…soon!

7 years ago

Oh Mickey Mouser you are such a darling what a gorgeous picture of you! We hope that Sydney and Marlee will find the right and perfect forever home. Sydney is gorgeous!

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