Home for the Holidays


Beautiful owl-eyed Sydney is 10 years old. Sydney is definitely on Santa’s Nice List.


Marlee is a friendly gentle cat. At 9 years old she’s done with all that annoying kittenish misbehavior. She just needs a friend to cuddle with.
Sydney and Marlee are waiting at PAWS.


And here’s our own Mickey Mouser (failed foster cat). He had a rough start in life as a tiny underweight feral kitten rescued by PAWS volunteers. He’s wishing a warm safe home for everycat.

12 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Marlee looks like she really needs a good friend. And Sydney, you sure are one good looking black cat.Hope you both find some great homes.

  2. Sydney and Marlee are both adorable! I hope they find forever homes and family to celebrate holidays to come together. Mickey Mouser looks so cute with the ribbon 🙂 I hope his wish comes true xoxo

  3. Aww all are beautiful. I have 4 that i know of homeless cats. It sickens me how people r so cruel, im hoping to try and get free food to feed them and a shelter box to. Wish i could be like the cat house on the kings lady and have space for hundreds of animals.

  4. Awww… we sure hope Sydney and Marlee can have a real home for the holidays and forever. 9 and 10 years old … they sure deserve a lot of love.

    …and Mickey Mouser… you are just way too cute!!! You always make us smile.
    : )

  5. Sydney and Marlee are both so sweet and gentle. How awesome would a forever home for the holidays, for them both, be?

    Looking good, Mickey Mouser! 🙂


  6. Pretty, pretty Sydney and Marlee. Sending cuddles and soft purrs and adoption vibes out to your forever families so they will get themselves to you soon! PURRS…

  7. Oh Mickey Mouser you are such a darling what a gorgeous picture of you! We hope that Sydney and Marlee will find the right and perfect forever home. Sydney is gorgeous!

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