Shelter Cats



I really don’t think Cookie will have a long stay at PAWS.
She’s got lovely manners and will make an easy transition to some lucky home. Cookie is sweet and friendly.


And did I mention extremely pretty? You should see her luxurious bushy tail!

A Last Sunday Morning Lap


One of our favorite lap cats is going home today! Molly has been adopted.

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7 years ago

Cookie is a real sweetheart, isn’t she?

We were there when Molly’s new Mommy and Daddy came to take her home. Molly walked right into the cat carrier! It was as she knew this was her forever family. 🙂

7 years ago

Yay for Mollie, we wish her a long, healthy, happy life in her forever home! And Cookie, what a doll, we adore her markings…so gorgeous! Big purrs for her to find the right and perfect forever home where she is adored!

7 years ago

Cookie is extremely pretty, indeed! She looks very furry and I imagine her tail is really gorgeous 🙂
Congratulations to Molly for finding forever home! Her new family is very lucky to have her!

7 years ago

Yay for Molly! We know Cookie won’t be far behind. 🙂

7 years ago

We are happy for Molly, and we hope sweet Cookie finds a wonderful home soon!

7 years ago

Cookie is abaolutely adorable! We sure are happy for Molly!!!

7 years ago

Did she get adopted yet? I wanna see that bushy tail. MOL!

I’m so happy that Mini CK found a forever home! TW hopes she has a better disposition than ME. Yes, I did warn Pop to get away and I didn’t even use my claws.

7 years ago

Big YAY’s for Miss Molly!!! A new home in the new year.

Cookie’s such a sweetie… we bet she’ll find her forever home soon too!

7 years ago

Yippee, Molly! We’re so proud of you! Cookie, your family’s coming. We just feel it, pretty, pretty girl! Purrs…

7 years ago

OMC ConCats to Molly. Weez so happy fur her. As fur dat gawjus Cookie, weez be sharin’ and purrayin’ fur hers furever home.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

7 years ago

She’s beautiful.


7 years ago

Thank you for dropping by and visiting us. We so appreciate your comments. Oh my goodness Cookie you are so gorgeous and we are so happy for Molly.

7 years ago

Congratulations to Molly’s people

7 years ago

I think I’m falling in love!! Cookie is a looker for sure!! That is great news about Molly!! x0x

7 years ago

Oh Cookie, you are such a pretty kitty cat. I bet you find a home really soon. And Molly, that is just the best that you got to go to your forever home. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you.

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