Cat Quartet!


“May your days be merry and bright,
And may all your cats be black and white!”

These lovely cats are all available at PAWS for hearth and heart warming duties.
Top right: Yankee, top left: Brian, sitting below them with excellent posture: Geraldo, and at the bottom: friendly and charming Roger.

10 thoughts on “Cat Quartet!”

  1. Oh MY!!!!!! It’s me, many times over!!! MOL What handsome kitties they are!! 😉 I am purring especially loud purrs that they will find loving homes just like I have :))))


  2. Goodness, that is one great looking bunch of cats. Sure hope they all get nice new homes. Merry Christmas to you and Happy and healthy new year too.

  3. They’re beautiful. All so very, VERY BEAUTIFUL! Purrin’ and prayin’ they get their forever homes this year, for Christmas.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!


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