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Harlequin has a superabundance of personality and energy.
She’s a striking two year old dilute calico.

eHarlequin3If you’re looking for a playmate and exercise partner, PAWS has a cat for you!

The toy Harlequin is enjoying was made by 1st grade Daisy Troop #50613 from Springdale School in Stamford CT. The Girl Scouts made a big bag of these fleece toys for PAWS and the cats love them.
Thank you, girls!

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7 years ago

In that second picture Harlequin looks seriously bonkers and full of mischief….just my kind of cat, lol!!! I love a bright, intelligent cat and have such a soft spot for a tortie esp one with a half/half face. I’m praying Harlequin finds a forever home soon with a loving owner who just ‘gets’ her.

7 years ago

Harlequin is such a pretty girl! Her marking is really beautiful.
How nice school girls made toys for PAWS kitties 🙂

7 years ago

Oh Harlequin, you are such a beautiful one and we sure do hope you get that special forever home super soon.

7 years ago

What a gorgeous cat! We know Harlequin will find her furever home real soon.

7 years ago

Harlequin is beautiful AND sweet. We hope she finds her happily ever after really soon.

7 years ago

What a beauty. I pray she gets her forever home soon.

7 years ago

She’s beautiful.


7 years ago

She is so adorable and I ‘m glad she found her forever home.

7 years ago

What a booty. Weez shawin’ and purrayin’.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

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