First Impressions


Sometimes it takes a while to adjust to shelter life.
Imagine you are a cat.
Maybe you haven’t been out of your home for your entire life, except for vet visits. Suddenly your family is gone and you are in a strange new place surrounded by unfamiliar smells, cats, and the sound of dogs barking.

When this ten year old cat came to PAWS, he was very unhappy. The staff gave him the name “Señor Crankypants”.


After a few days, he learned that he was in a safe place with a lot of admirers. He is actually an easy-going playful guy who loves people and other cats.
Señor Crankypants is cranky no more. I hope his good humored personality and funny name will help him get adopted soon.


20 thoughts on “First Impressions”

  1. Poor boy. It’s hard not to pass severe judgment on his former humans, but of course we don’t know the story/situation. We’re sending him lots of purrs, sure hope he finds a truly wonderful forever home soon.

  2. Oh I so wish I could adopt them all. I hate hearing stories like this. The poor cat but glad to hear he is thriving on that wonderful shelter care.

  3. It’s totally understandable Señor Crankypants was cranky as he was suddenly in a different place. He is adorable and has such beautiful eyes. I hope he finds his forever home and loving family very soon xoxo

  4. I’m so glad he is settling. He does look a bit fierce in the first pic, but then so do I of a morning! Glad he has become more comfortable and is showing his true sweet nature.

  5. Poor Senor Crankypants. It must have been so hard on him to go to the shelter after 10 years in a home. I really hope he finds a forever home soon to spend the rest of his days.

  6. Oh Maggie, this beautiful boy is so dear-and what a beautiful job you do of telling us about him!

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