Sir Nigel Purrsworth


Halloween Greetings from Sir Nigel!

Inviting all gentlefolk to come to PAWS this weekend.
There’s a spectacular celebration featuring special adoption opportunities! Read all about it HERE.

Four year old Sir Nigel is available to guard your home and steal your heart!

12 thoughts on “Sir Nigel Purrsworth”

  1. Excellent costume, handsome Sir Nigel! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Halloween, Maggie. That’s a really wonderful adoption promotion that PAWS is having. Here’s hoping lots of kitties get treats of the adoption kind!

  2. What a costume! Sir Nigel, your costume was FANTASTIC.

    Peep #1 made me a ghost costume – well, pizapped me up one – but I didn’t look much like a ghost. Looked more like an owl. Way more. MOUSES!


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