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Yankee (on the right) and Brian have become very good friends. We quite often see them cuddled together looking like they are having a good chat between naps. Brian’s brother Roger is also in the room, as is Yankee’s sibling Doodle, but these two seem to prefer each other’s company. I wonder what they are talking about?


Maybe they are discussing Geraldo, the most recent cat in the room and also, at nine months, the youngest.

All of these cats get along beautifully. They have a room with a window, lots of toys and visitors, and regular meals. But they don’t have a special person to love. Could it be you? Visit them at PAWS.

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7 years ago

My goodness, such a big bunch of handsome!!! Good luck everyone, we’re purring for you.

7 years ago

Yankee and Brian looks really good friends! And Geraldo is very handsome. I hope they all find their forever homes soon!

7 years ago

They’re all so handsome. We purr that they all find homes quickly.

7 years ago

Brian and Yankee are such good boys. And we, too, love how the cats in Room 8 get along so famously. 🙂

7 years ago

We are purring that these good looking and friendly kitties get a home of their own.
Purr Purr Purr
Timmy and Family

7 years ago

How sweet, I pray they can all go to a forever home together.

7 years ago

It’s so sweet to see shelter cats that have bonded with each other so well. …maybe because I SO wish my own kitties could share that kind of affection for each other.

I hope so much that they will be adopted together.


7 years ago

VERY handsome boys.


7 years ago

They awe just gawjus. Weez shawin’ and purrayin’ they get a wunnewful home soon.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

S Hall
7 years ago

Excellent black & white kitties, all!
Hope someone is kind enough to adopt Yankee & Brian together.
Best friends are hard to find and they chose each other.


7 years ago

What a bunch of sweet little angels. They are so lucky to be with you guys at PAWS, but would be even luckier to find their forever homes soon!

7 years ago

What great kitties they all are and we are happy they are good friends, huge purrs for them to all find safe, loving forever homes soon.

7 years ago

Well we sure hope all these cute kitties find their homes really soon and hopefully some of them together. Great pictures. Have a great Tuesday.

7 years ago

Oh, such cute kitties! Sharing.

7 years ago

They are both beautiful, sharing.


7 years ago

They could be my brothers!! Sharing!

7 years ago

Those are some hunks! TW would love a Yankee cat but I’m the ruler of the condo and I say no.

7 years ago

Awww… handsome-overload!!!
… of course I’m a sucker for a man in a tuxedo!
Yeah, a girl too!
; ) GG

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