Shelter Cats

Two Tabbies


“I am Bianca Del Rio, hear me roar!”


Introducing seven month old petite and pretty Bianca Del Rio. She’s presently living in a room with adult cats who are attempting to teach her some manners. Bianca Del Rio is overloaded with kitten energy. She’s waiting impatiently for a playmate at PAWS.


If you’re looking for a calm and sweet companion, look no farther. This is fifteen year old Annie, released by her family this Summer.


Annie is looking for a quiet home with loving friends.

I don’t know why she ended up at PAWS, sad things happen to good people and to good cats. Let’s just hope she’ll be adopted soon.

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7 years ago

I can feel the kitten energy from Bianca Del Rio! She is such a cutie!
I’m sorry Annie lost home. I hope she finds new forever home very soon xoxo

7 years ago

I pinned them both to Pinterest- I hope they get their forever homes soon.

S Hall
7 years ago

Gorgeous kitty & cat!

7 years ago

Oh they awe boff so purrecious and adowable. Me can’t believ dat sumpawdy suwwendewed a 15 year old booty, but weez suwe hope hers finds a pawsum home to spend hers old age in. Cuz it just ain’t wight.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

7 years ago

just tweeted and shared on Cody’s fan page! Hoping that helps. I am in love with Bianca!

7 years ago

We love them both and that Annie is such a dear lady.

7 years ago

Bianca del Rio is such a spirited kitten. She is going to bring lots of fun and joy to some lucky family. And Annie is really sweet and gentle; perfect for a nice, quiet home.

7 years ago

Oh we sure hope Annie finds a home really soon. It is so sad when they are that old and have to leave their home. Tabbies are the best. Have a great Saturday.

7 years ago

What a sweetie these two girls are. We’re so very sorry that Annie lost her home. Sending lots of purrs that both of these wonderful kitties finds a new forever home very soon.


Thanks so much for visiting us while Glogirly’s been on vacation!
~Katie & Waffles

7 years ago

absolutely beautiful cats..

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