Katris at PAWS


The cats at PAWS got a present!
The nice people at Papercut Lab produce a cool hybrid of cardboard construction pieces and scratching posts called Katris.


They sent us these five heavy-duty sturdy shapes. We put three together in Cat Room #5 using the plastic clips provided. That’s six month old tabby Frankie in the cube, and petite three year old Rosemary passing by on top.


EKatris2The other two pieces make a stairway/scratching area in Cat Room #3. That’s nine year old Creamsicle enjoying a little stretch and scratch.

This isn’t an advertisement or paid blog post. Papercut Lab donated these pieces to the shelter and we’re very grateful to have something new to brighten the shelter cats’ days. Thank you for the Katris!

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  1. Yes! That is a fabulous picture of Frankie & Rosemary . . .
    Katris could use that on the box or in their ads!


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