Shelter Cats

A Week Without Cats


We went to Wyoming last week and saw some moose.


We saw bison along the roads…


and we saw bison in the roads!






We even saw dogs.
But now that we are back from our wonderful trip, I am so happy to see cats!

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8 years ago

Those sure are some very impressive and big critters!

8 years ago

Looks like fun to see all those different animals. Bet the cats were glad to get you home. Have a fantastic Wednesday.

8 years ago

We wouldn’t like to be on the wrong end of those antlers!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

So glad to see you guys!! xoxo

8 years ago

Great photos of those non-cats, Maggie! Glad you had a nice trip, but we and the kitties are glad you’re back home. 🙂

S Hall
8 years ago

So it is true . . .

Maggie takes great photographs of everything!
Of course her kitties are my favorite!
Glad you had such a lovely trip!
Welcome home!


8 years ago

Welcome home, Maggie!

8 years ago

A week without cats!!! How devastating!! 😉

8 years ago

Wow those awe suwe sum big cwitters. Me wuld be happy to see kitties too. 🙂

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi

8 years ago

Awesome pics! Glad you got out on a what looks like a great adventure!

8 years ago

a whole week with no cats?? *stunned and amazed look on my face*

8 years ago

Beautiful photos!!! One of our favorite kinds of vacations is touring the national parks and photographing the wildlife. …of course it’s fun to come home and photograph the *other* wildlife too.
; ) GG

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