Tabby Day


Nonáme is an energetic young girl cat looking for a loving family.

eNoname2Come to PAWS and meet Nonáme!

stromboliSeven month old Stromboli has a big name for a little cat. He’s friendly, active and full of kitten charm!

Sweetie Pie – Week 3


Speaking of active and playful… We are fostering Sweetie Pie at our house and she’s zooming around the room as I type. Here she is taking a break, counting her toys. She’s on Petfinders- CLICK HERE.

15 thoughts on “Tabby Day”

  1. Noname is a ver pretty girl. The head tilting photo made me squee and squee 🙂 Stromboli is such a cutie, too. Love his pink paw pads!
    Yay for Sweetie Pie on Petfinder. I hope she finds her forever home soon!

  2. Oh Sweetie Pie, you are just the cutest. We know you will find that purrfect home. Now, Stromboli, we love that name and that should get you a home real soon. You are too cute. Noname, you look a lot like our Mahoney. We have all our paws crossed that you all find some terrific homes.

  3. Noname has the sweetest expression on her lovely face and we just love how she puts her head on one side for the photographer. Stromboli’s white streak on his nose is just so cute. Sweetie Pie it seems you love your toys – can we come over and play with you?.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. What cuteness!!!
    Nonáme has the cutest, most inquisitive little face!
    And Stromboli with those pink jelly bean toes!!!
    We bet they’ll find a forever home very soon.

    ….Awww, Sweetie Pie…we think your foster mom is quite smitten with you!

  5. TABBYs
    Be still my heart.
    Love those tabbies
    and that little black & white outfit has a lot charm too, Sweetie Pie!


  6. Noname is such a little character, isn’t she? And Stromboli is so sweet! Sweetie Pie is loving all those toys … thank you for fostering her until she is ready to find her forever home!

  7. Awwwww! I would adopt Noname in a heartbeat if she was in Aus. She’s gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again.
    Really appreciate you supporting us each week and we enjoy reading your posts. (((furry hugs))
    *waves paw*

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