Kitten Shower!


Question: What’s wrong with this picture?
Answer: Kittens, like Oliver and Twist above, growing up in cages.

There are so many beautiful and talented, brave and loving kittens at PAWS. If you are in Connecticut, please come to PAWS and open your heart!

During PAWS’ exciting Kitten Shower event you won’t have to open your wallet quite so far.


If you are far away, check with your local shelter. At this time of the year most animal rescue organizations are overflowing with homeless babies and adult cats.

11 thoughts on “Kitten Shower!”

  1. Oh I hope they all find homes. I hate thinking about them living in cages.That makes me so sad. Lots of purrs that they will find some great homes.

  2. They are so cute and precious! I hope kitten shower will bring lots of adoption!
    I hope these sweethearts will find forever homes where they grow up with family of their own xoxo

  3. Oh, such sweetness… the thought of kittens growing up in cages, well the thought of ANY cat living in a cage, just breaks our hearts.

    We hope that the PAWS event is super successful and many cats and kittens are adopted into loving homes.


  4. The shelter was really busy over the weekend, with lots of people coming in to see the kittens. Hopefully that will mean lots of happily ever afters for some of these awesome adoptable babies. And maybe some grown up kitties, too!

  5. This is a wonderful opportunity, but most of us that receive this blog have our kitty quotas. Please, everybody that lives near PAWS send this to all your friends near PAWS and ask them to send this to their friends and hopefully someone without a kitty will be inspired to go get a pair of these adorable babies! Two kitties are easier than one!

    Homes for Kitties! Yea!

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