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Gotcha, Mickey Mouser!


Until I got some nice “Happy Gotcha Day” messages for Mickey Mouser, I had totally forgotten that this is the 4th anniversary of the day he arrived at our house. We were supposed to foster him until there was room at PAWS, but, as they say, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

This is Mickey helping us put away a load of warm clean laundry.

Coincidentally, we are busy fostering for the second time…

Sweetie Pie – Week 3


Is it just me, or is this kitten getting cuter?

Here’s another very short video clip – CLICK HERE!

Sweetie Pie is a gentle 3 month old kitten. She’s shy until she knows you, but once she does, she gives kisses and head bumps. She loves to play and purrs up a storm.
Sweetie Pie hasn’t encountered any other cats in foster, but she seems very interested in the glimpses she’s gotten, and not at all fearful or hissy. Most likely will do well with other cats. Her litter box habits are very tidy.
Sweetie Pie would do well in a quiet home, due to her feral kitten-hood, she is startled easily. But, get out a toy, and she recovers quickly!

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Fuzzy Tales
7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day to Mickey Mouser; no wonder he was a foster fail — he’s irresistible. 🙂

And paws crossed for Sweetie Pie, that she finds a wonderful forever home.

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey Mouser !
The kitten are a little cutie pie for sure !

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey Mouser, you played it just right! That Sweetie Pie is just adorable and we send her lots and lots of hugs.

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey Mouser! You sure did well when you gotcha’d a home with Tommie, Gracie, Maggie and Rick. 🙂

And yes, Sweetie Pies is getting CUTER every day!

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey Mouser! We wish you a wonderful day!!
Sweetie Pie is getting sweeter and sweeter 🙂

7 years ago

Oh Mickey Mouser, so glad you were a foster fail and got to stay right there.
Sweetie Pie, you really are getting cuter and cuter. You are doing so well for a feral kitty but if you get them young like that, it helps so much. Have a Happy Monday.

7 years ago

Sweetie Pie lives up to her name. 🙂

And Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey Mouser!!

7 years ago

Sweetie Pie is such a cutie. Surely someone will sweep her up. And Savannah was our first foster, for only a couple of months until we could get her more socialized…after the first week…we could see this was a multi year project and bingo! She had her forever home….indeed life happened no matter our ‘plans’

S Hall
7 years ago

Dear Maggie & Rick,
That little Mickey Mouser Gotcha Good!

Dear Mickey,
You Gotcha Great Home!

Congratulations to all!

And to Sweetie Pie a loving home . . .
wherever that may be.
KIsses to all.

Sundance, Cocoa & Rocky

7 years ago

What a purr bucket! Hope I get to see Sweetie Pie tomorrow!

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day, Mickey Mouser!!! It’s pretty clear you’ve brought lots and lots of love to your forever home!

And yes, it is QUITE possible that Sweetie Pie is getting cuter and cuter. It’s a tuxie thing. … well, actually it’s just a cat thing!


7 years ago

Squeeeeee…for a purring kitten!! I think I have tuxie envy. Alas, 7 is enough.

Happy Gotcha Day!


7 years ago

Sweet Pea is sure a cutie. Pop just fell in love with her. Happy Gotch Day to Mickey Mouser.

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey Mouser! We are so happy you ended up being a foster fail and stayed in the loving, awesome home you did, congrats on that! (Oh what a cutie Sweetie Pie is…big purrs for her to find an amazing forever home.)

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day to Mickey Mouser! And we hope to wish Sweetie Pie one too, soon. They are both darling.

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey Mouser (a little late)! It is obvious why you were a foster fail! Sweetie Pie you are a real cutie! Hope you get your furrever home soon!

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day Mickey Mouser! Sweetie Pie is gorgeous! Paws crossed she finds a fur-ever home soon. Sharing.

7 years ago

Happy Gotcha Day and you bet Sweetie Pie is getting sweeter!

7 years ago

Yup, he is. DEFINITELY gettin’ cuter, for sure.

Nissy #Niss4Senate – tell the PM, today.

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