Nassau and Ryker


Seven year old Nassau is happy that she’s been moved out her cage, and into an open room. While it’s not as good as a home, it’s more comfortable while she waits for one.


She’s friendly, playful, and very pretty.


Meanwhile under the chair, it’s shy Ryker. He’s a handsome six year old stray. When I lay down on the floor to pet him, he purrs appreciatively. But he’s not about to come out… yet.

Nassau and Ryker are available at PAWS in Norwalk CT. They have had all their shots and are ready to go.

Remember to look under the furniture when you visit an animal shelter!

10 thoughts on “Nassau and Ryker”

  1. We love both Nassau and Ryker! Nassau sure loves that chair, doesn’t she? Ryker came out briefly on Sunday … perhaps a sign of things to come? 🙂

  2. Oh Ryker, you are too cute. You are our kind of cat. We sure hope that both you and Nassau find a purrfect home.

  3. Nassau looks very elegant on the chair! Ryker is so cute and his whiskers are gorgeous! He sounds such a sweet boy…I hope he feels more confident and comes out next time!

  4. Love the artful shot of Nassau in the chair!
    It reminds me of a lovely illustration by Ross Wetzel.
    Of course the highly talented model is what makes the photo work!
    Good job Nassau! Very good job!
    Add professional modeling to your resume to find your perfect home.

    Le Fauve Ryker!
    Great markings!
    Fabulous Whiskers!
    And those eyebrows!
    There is an email circulating with great cat markings and you belong there!
    A person will be so lucky to just look at you everyday and hear you purr,
    not to mention the extra exercise they will get,
    by getting on the floor to pet you . . .
    but that won’t last long, they will win your trust.


  5. Purrs to them both! They both have the most beautiful whiskers! We hope someone comes along and falls in love with them soon.

  6. OMC, Nassau is stunning in that chair setting! Such gorgeous cheekbones and body. This is a supermodel cat who should be in a calendar…. and on a forever family’s lap getting ALL the attentions!

    We can’t believe Ryker was a stray! Those markings, those whiskers, those deep, soulful eyes. What a handsome boy to wake up to every day! Purring hard for their future forever families find them soon! PURRS….

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