Shelter Cats

Love for Three Oranges


First, here’s a lovely orange tabby girl. A friendly six year old, abandoned at PAWS with her sister Morticia.


I call her mellow yellow… She’s another six year old orange tabby girl, gentle and sweet.


Our third orange cat is fourteen years young. Buster’s people moved away and couldn’t take him along, so he was released to PAWS. Buster is calm and easy going, although unlike Elvira and Melo, he doesn’t care for the company of other cats. Possibly he hadn’t met many in his fourteen years.

These three oranges are all being loved and cared for at PAWS in Norwalk CT until they get a family of their own again.

P.S. “Love for three Oranges” is a piece of music by Prokofiev – you can listen by CLICKING HERE.

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8 years ago

We love that trio of orange goodness and sure hope they get to go home soon.

8 years ago

Three adorable orange kitties! I feel sad Buster’s humans could not take him with them, but glad he is at PAWS and getting lots of love. I hope they’ll find loving forever homes very soon xoxo

8 years ago

Three lovely orange cats – we hope they will find some lovely humans longing to take them home.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

Well you KNOW I love orange!!!
Two girls too! That’s very unusual.

(((purrs))) for some wonderful forever homes!

8 years ago

Ah! We were going to say, that should be an opera, but then you mentioned it in the last line. Very clever!

8 years ago

They awe all gawjus. Meez suwe hopes they get good homes soon. 🙂

Luv ya’


8 years ago

Golden Orange Goodness! 🙂 Love the freckles on their noses.

8 years ago

Love all this beautiful orange! And that first photo of Elvira is gorgeous. Sharing.

8 years ago

Such beauties- I hope all 3 of you get your forever home soon.

8 years ago

Oh what precious sweeties you are! I love me some orange, that’s for sure. Melo is absolutely gorgeous. Big purrs to all you three for finding the right and perfect forever homes where you are cherished and safe.

8 years ago

What a great looking trio! I hope they all find homes soon.

8 years ago

What beautiful orange cats they are! Hope they find forever homes soon. Will share.

8 years ago

Three good looking orange cats. Poor Buster getting left behind. I can’t imagine abandoning a cat of that age. We have our paws crossed for all three of you. Great pictures.

8 years ago

Orange kitties are the best!! They typically don’t stay long at my local shelter, so I hope these babies have equally good luck in finding great homes soon!!

8 years ago

We love all three of these kitties! They are all gentle, sweet and all-around wonderful!

8 years ago

So unusual to have female orange kitties!! I hope these babies find their forever homes soon xx

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