15 thoughts on “Hypnotic Roger”

  1. Oh, we love the white hairs on his nose! The head peep really does feel an overwhelming desire to do that, but you’re way too far away. So we’re going to purr that those gorgeous eyes of yours charm someone else very, very soon.

  2. Was Roger TNR’d? If so, poor fella! People dump their cat and leave them to fend for itself. We’re glad he has landed at PAWS.

    Thanks so much for all your support yesterday! Our celebration was very successful!

  3. We just know it will work for the right and perfect Human and forever home for you and your brother, I mean, how could it not?

  4. OMC! I must be getting old! I’ve been looking at my calendar all day and never noticed it was Mica Minnie Moo until you said something! How sad . . .

  5. Now those are two handsome boys and we just know they will find a home and a good home really soon. Great pictures.

  6. I was going to write that I hope you get a forever home together, but I see Cathy is adopting them-YAY! I hope you blog about them 🙂

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