Another Wall Hammock


I checked at PAWS to see if anyone was using the new wall hammock recently installed. I think Marshall was letting Elmer know that his time was up, because…


a little while later…

The new wall hammocks, built by my husband Rick, are part of a volunteer program at PAWS to improve the cats’ environment while they wait for their new forever homes.


11 thoughts on “Another Wall Hammock”

  1. Another beautiful hammock! Love the striped fabric. Looks like Marshall and Elmer are fully enjoying it 🙂 These hammocks sure give great environment for kitties while they wait for their forever homes!

  2. Those hammicks are just the greatest. Good for Rick to make them. Looks like the cats are really enjoying them and taking turns too. Sure makes their life a lot nicer. Take care.

  3. “Hammock Tag” a great new game to play!
    Good thing they don’t flip over like my hammock did!

    Fabulous B/W graphic for Habitat for Cats!!!
    They are so lucky they have you!!!
    A logo that great would never be in their budget
    and it makes such a difference!
    It exudes the LOVE everyone has for the kitties.


  4. I agree! Honestly, are these for sale? I’d love at least one installed here.

  5. If you decide to sell them: Send a picture to Jackson Galaxy’s site. Or maybe a sample. If he uses it on the show or in his column to “cattify” a home, you’d be in business.

  6. Those hammocks are fabulous! The cats really do love them, and we never see them empty for long (the exception seems to be mealtime). 🙂

    Thank you, Maggie and Rick!

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