Shelter Cats

Another Wall Hammock


I checked at PAWS to see if anyone was using the new wall hammock recently installed. I think Marshall was letting Elmer know that his time was up, because…


a little while later…

The new wall hammocks, built by my husband Rick, are part of a volunteer program at PAWS to improve the cats’ environment while they wait for their new forever homes.


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8 years ago

They’re awesome! Kudos to Rick, what a great idea. Nicki and Derry would love one…or two. 🙂

8 years ago

That wall hammock is amazing. I bet you could sell those to raise $$ for the Habitat for Cats.

8 years ago

Those wall hammicks look great! We think there’s a demand for MORE wall hammicks to be installed. 🙂

8 years ago

Another beautiful hammock! Love the striped fabric. Looks like Marshall and Elmer are fully enjoying it 🙂 These hammocks sure give great environment for kitties while they wait for their forever homes!

8 years ago

Those hammicks are just the greatest. Good for Rick to make them. Looks like the cats are really enjoying them and taking turns too. Sure makes their life a lot nicer. Take care.

8 years ago

We agree, those wall hammicks are just terrific!

S Hall
8 years ago

“Hammock Tag” a great new game to play!
Good thing they don’t flip over like my hammock did!

Fabulous B/W graphic for Habitat for Cats!!!
They are so lucky they have you!!!
A logo that great would never be in their budget
and it makes such a difference!
It exudes the LOVE everyone has for the kitties.


Marianna Mayer
8 years ago

I agree! Honestly, are these for sale? I’d love at least one installed here.

8 years ago

If you decide to sell them: Send a picture to Jackson Galaxy’s site. Or maybe a sample. If he uses it on the show or in his column to “cattify” a home, you’d be in business.

8 years ago

Those hammocks are fabulous! The cats really do love them, and we never see them empty for long (the exception seems to be mealtime). 🙂

Thank you, Maggie and Rick!

8 years ago

We just love those hammocks and are so happy the kitties get to enjoy them, that’s really wonderful.

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