Shelter Cats

The Games Continue!


Hubbell is in the upper tube, and his brother Marshall is on the floor. That’s shy Olga peeking out from the side entrance.


Olga has forgotten that she’s shy in all the excitement.


“Can I keep it?”

Sorry kitties, all string toys are stored outside of the rooms for safety. But don’t worry, some nice volunteer will be along soon to resume the games.

One year old Olga gets along well with all of the other PAWS cats. She’s timid and would be happiest in a quiet, adult-only home… with lots of toys.
The boys, Marshall and Hubbell, are two years old and would also be happiest in a quiet home, as long as they are together!

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8 years ago

Olga is so very sweet! We hope she finds the purrfect home soon, and of course, we wish the same for the handsome boys too. We love the photo of Olga peeping around checking things out.

8 years ago

It’s great how toys can bring the shy kitties out of their shells! They are all so adorable. Hope they find wonderful homes soon!

8 years ago

Such cuties! Sweet Olga sure reminds me of my Sister Gracie.

8 years ago

Ohhh Olga looks sooo much like my Angel Bobo! xoxo

8 years ago

Olga is such a sweet girl. I almost didn’t see her in the first photo 🙂
I hope they find forever homes very soon xoxo

8 years ago

Olga is beautiful! We hope she and the boys find furever homes soon!

They’re all so gorgeous! Those string toys are obviously irresistible.

8 years ago

I just caught Olga peeping out there 🙂 They all deserve forever homes soonest! xx

8 years ago

Oh you three are such sweethearts! We love that you are loving playing with the string toys! Big purrs for amazing forever homes for you all!

8 years ago

Lot’s of black & white kitties at PAWS. I hope they all—and Olga too—find their furever homes soon.

The eyes really tell all and Olga is a sweetie pie. The work you do at PAWS is an inspiration and I hope to something for the kitties at the New Rochelle Humane Society. I spent much of the day there and 15 more kitties were dumped the other day.

8 years ago

They are all great kitties. These are great pictures, Maggie … you’ve captured their sweet personalities perfectly!

8 years ago

Fabulous Cats!!!!

8 years ago

Just like our house. Well at least you are so very cute you wont have long to wait

8 years ago

They are ALL adorable! …we have to store our string-like toys too. Glogirly says we can’t be trusted. ; )

We sure hope you all find loving forever homes very, very soon!


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