Everyone at PAWS has fallen in love with Mushka.


She’s a year and a half old, playful and affectionate.


Her information card says that she’s good with children, cats, and some dogs!


Mushka is really good with volunteers!

If you’re interested in meeting Mushka, don’t wait. I don’t think she’ll be at PAWS much longer!

Mushka has been ADOPTED!

8 thoughts on “Mushka”

  1. Mushka is very cute! She looks very curious and adorable. And I see meowmeowman’s comment that she is adopted! Yay for Mushka! I wish her a very happy new life in her forever home xoxo

  2. Oh good Mushka has been adopted. Great news. She is so cute. How could anyone turn her down. Good job all of you. Take care.

  3. OMD! I found your comments bar! I was panicking before cause we couldn’t locate it (on last week’s Thankful Thursday.) *wags tail*
    Mushka looks so sweet and adorable. Sure lots of families will want Mushka to be their forever kitteh.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again. Love reading your posts and look forward to reading more from you. *waves paw* :=o)

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