Shelter Cats

Mr. Marley


Marley is a three year old active, friendly cat. He’s got a sleek and shiny black coat. His cage card says he’s a couch potato, but show him a string toy and he becomes a determined hunter, leaping joyously.


However, in the interests of full disclosure, I do have to report that Marley is a toy thief. I had just put this catnip toy in Mercury‘s cage…


Busted, Marley!

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7 years ago

Marley’s got a sweet little tux there too!! Aww!

7 years ago

Way to go Marley. Get that toy. Marley, you are too cute and we all have our paws crossed that you find a home really soon. Take care.

7 years ago

We think you are most handsome Mr. Marley!

7 years ago

Oh Mr. Marley looks so sweet and handsome and innocent.
Can’t believe he is a toy thief! Well, I’m sure he just wanted to “share.” 🙂

7 years ago

He being stereotyped cos he a black cat. Hope there’s someone who’s not a Scrooge and will give Marley a chance.

7 years ago

Marley, I hope you get your forever home soon.

7 years ago

what a handsome kitty! I say he is innocent!

7 years ago

LOL Maggie!
You are so funny!
The expression on the first mug shot is great . . .
the “uh, me? toy? officer, what are you talking about, not me” look.
Love the Mug Shots!
And of course love Marley!


7 years ago

OMC! He is absolutely stunning! Great photos! And best of luck, we love that little white patch! Such a handsome toy thief, who would mind a toy gone here or there?

7 years ago

Marley is so handsome, but does not let that go to his head. He’s got a heart of gold, and is extra friendly. We love him!

7 years ago

How sweet. Meez suwe hopes hims gets a pawsum home.

Luv ya’


7 years ago

Oh, what a handsome kitty! Shared.

7 years ago

I hope Marley finds a forever home soon, sharing.


7 years ago

Marley is gorgeous! Sharing.

7 years ago

I love Marley! All great cats are wonderful at toy theft! MOL! sharing ♥

7 years ago

You are such a handsome fellow Marley. Love the chest badge like a super hero

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