Mr. Marley


Marley is a three year old active, friendly cat. He’s got a sleek and shiny black coat. His cage card says he’s a couch potato, but show him a string toy and he becomes a determined hunter, leaping joyously.


However, in the interests of full disclosure, I do have to report that Marley is a toy thief. I had just put this catnip toy in Mercury‘s cage…


Busted, Marley!

16 thoughts on “Mr. Marley”

  1. Way to go Marley. Get that toy. Marley, you are too cute and we all have our paws crossed that you find a home really soon. Take care.

  2. Oh Mr. Marley looks so sweet and handsome and innocent.
    Can’t believe he is a toy thief! Well, I’m sure he just wanted to “share.” 🙂

  3. LOL Maggie!
    You are so funny!
    The expression on the first mug shot is great . . .
    the “uh, me? toy? officer, what are you talking about, not me” look.
    Love the Mug Shots!
    And of course love Marley!


  4. OMC! He is absolutely stunning! Great photos! And best of luck, we love that little white patch! Such a handsome toy thief, who would mind a toy gone here or there?

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