17 thoughts on “Mickey Mouser’s Hammock”

  1. Oh Mickey Mouser, glad you decided to give that hammick a try. It does look nice. Yay for Rick. Take care.

  2. Now that is VERY cool! great idea for a combo shelf and ham-mick 🙂 Enjoy your Easy Sunday up there, Mickey Mouser!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  3. That hammock is really really cool! Is this another one that Rick hand made himself?
    Mickey Mouser looks very comfy there 🙂

  4. Mickey Mouser you look F•A•B•U•L•O•U•S!!!
    But, HEY, what about Mini Mick?
    Is there room for one more?


  5. MOUSES! You mean your peeps put a bed up on the wall? EXCELLENT. My peeps have NEVER put a bed up on the wall for me. Sure, they’ve accused me of making ’em climb the walls but they’ve never put a bed up there for me. I have GOT to get me some new peeps.


  6. Great hammock Rick! Um? Was Mini-Me not invited to enjoy the hammock with Mickey Mouser?

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