Breakfast at PAWS


Gem is an agile, friendly 10 year old, and this is her favorite spot for surveying the room.


“I spy with my big gold and green eyes… Hoppity’s breakfast!”

HipGemMild mannered Hoppity doesn’t seem to mind.


At least Hoppity got the mouse.

Hippity and Hoppity are brothers who are available for adoption together. Gem and the boys get along quite well with other cats and are looking for a quiet loving home.

12 thoughts on “Breakfast at PAWS”

  1. Gem is so beautiful and stunning! Love her smile!
    Hoppity is such a good kitty to share his breakfast with her 🙂

  2. Hoppity, you are just too cute. Too bad your brother took your breakfast. Hope you got some more but we are sure you did. What a great pair of cats. Have a great day.

  3. That top shot of Gem is a gem!

    All your pictures are so warm and endearing
    and the kitties all look so happy,
    that is hard to believe they do not have homes . . .
    that is private homes.
    PAWS is a great home for now,
    but really it is just a special SPA retreat
    before going on to there perfect homes.
    Bon voyage to your new homes very soon little ones.

  4. Gem is a beauty, and she has really come a long way. She’ll do GREAT in a quiet home.

    How nice of Hoppity to share his brekkie with her. MOL.

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