Oscar and Orion


Introducing two long-haired male cats, both “owner-release” and waiting at PAWS for better luck next time around.
Friendly Oscar is over twelve years old.

eOscar2He’s an outgoing cat, but a quiet home would be ideal for this gentle senior citizen.


Six year old Orion is sitting at the door wondering when his people will come back for him.


Also new to the shelter this Spring, shy but sweet Orion is looking for a good home.

Come meet them at PAWS.

13 thoughts on “Oscar and Orion”

  1. Hang in they guys. I am so sorry you ended up here, neither of you deserved to be treated like that. We hope the real homes find you soon.

  2. Oscar and Orion are both very handsome! Oscar has got such gorgeous long coat, and Orion has very cute pink nose 🙂 I hope they both find forever homes very soon xoxo

  3. We felt so sad to see you both at the shelter because your families handed you in – although at least you were both sent somewhere safe and not just dumped somewhere and left alone and vulnerable.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Poor Orion! It’s just got to break your heart when he sits by the door like that. I will share them on Twitter. I really hope they both find wonderful homes!

  5. The saddest stories are the ones of older cats having to leave their homes and then try to find new ones when they should be basking in the homes they loved. We are purring for them and wishing them the best of luck. They are beautiful and we hope they don’t have to wait too long.

  6. Just tweeted them and shared on Cody’s fan page. I do not understand people. This tears me apart. The poor, precious babies. They are exquisite.

  7. I do so hope you boys can find a loving home to live ..so sad that you find yourself in these circumstances…sending all our luck your way from Down Under Fozziemum

  8. It makes us sad whenever older kitties end up at the shelter, but we are glad these two awesome mancats are at PAWS. We’ll be sure to give them lots of love and attention until they find their new forever homes.

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