Dude and Gypsy





As you can imagine, these kittens will most likely have a very short stay at PAWS. Dude, the orange tabby boy, and sister Gypsy are about 11 weeks old and as sweet as they look.

Mercedes has finally gone home!



The big news at PAWS, cause for tears and celebration, is that Mercedes has gotten adopted. She came to the shelter with her kittens and spent 6 years waiting for her happily ever after.

20 thoughts on “Dude and Gypsy”

  1. OMC, they’re ADORABLE! Too cute to be overlooked, that’s for sure.

    We were THRILLED to read that Mercedes has been adopted, at last! Goes to prove, NEVER give up hope! 🙂

  2. There should be an over under of 3 days for Dude and Gypsy! We know they will be adopted soon! 🙂

    We are OVER THE MOON for Mercedes. We love her!

  3. Dude and Gypsy are adorable! I am so happy and excited that Mercedes found her forever home after a long wait! Enjoy a happy life with your forever family, sweetheart xoxo
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, that’s my boys’ photo on bedspread. It was a Christmas gift 🙂

    Happy weekend xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! The only thing more heartwarming that all that kitten cuteness is that sweet Mercedes long wait for a true forever home is over!!!
    Bless her. xoxo

  5. Oh Dude and Gypsy, you are too cute. Hope you find that forever home really soon.Hooray for Mercedes. That is so exciting for her Just proves to never give up. Take care.

  6. We are so happy for Mercedes finding her furever home. Dude and Gypsy are cute, cute, cute and we just know they’ll be on the way to their new home before long.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Yea Mercedes!
    You are a gorgeous kitty, your new person is very lucky!
    And we are all so very happy for you!

    Little Dude & Gypsy your are definitely the Cat’s Meow . . .
    Just too cute for mere words.


  8. oh yes Dude and Gypsy will NOT be there long! So happy to hear about Mercedes (love that name), heard about her adoption yesterday and it made my day!

  9. Aaaaw Dey’s all gawjus. Meez suwe hopes da little ones find wunnewful homes soon.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  10. OMC! They are so cute. Mummy wants them but I told her that Daeda is already a handful and that we don’t need anymore. Daddy agrees with me. Concatulations to Mercedes. 6 years is a very long time to wait. I’m so pleased for her. Xanthe xxx

  11. What cute little kitties … they should have no trouble finding wonderful forever homes. So glad to hear about Mercedes! Sometimes it takes a little time to find the perfect home but hopefully she has found a family to help her enjoy the rest of her years!

  12. Yay for Mercedes and the people who opened their hearts and home to her! Sadly it’s the black kitties who wait the longest. It’s a grand thing she finally has a home. Those kittens are so adorable and Gypsy’s markings and colors are especially handsome.

  13. Oh you two are so, so cute, purrs for loving forever homes to come your way soon! We are so happy about Mercedes, we thought about her alot and had a soft spot for her.

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