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Tuxedo Cats


Kerry is a 15 year old owner release.

We all need to stop and think about that for a few seconds…

Kerry, with his jaunty ears, is a gentle, sweet senior citizen who is happy in the company of other cats and people.


Here’s Biscuit! At 8 years old, he’s outgoing (soon I hope!) and friendly.


Rudy is a very shy and timid 5 year old. While he is content in an open room with a big window and no cages, he’s been waiting at PAWS for most of his life.

These boys are in the grand tradition of other famous tuxedo cats like Felix, Sylvester, and the Cat in the Hat.
For some of the proven benefits of adopting them, visit Facts About Tuxedo Cats.
You’ll gain important and useful information, such as; “People who have agreed to serve TCs as food providers and toy throwers are more attractive than the average humans.”
And “People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with TCs.”

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8 years ago

More attractive and lottery winners???
Ok, Katie! Let’s go buy some lottery tickets!!!

Such beautiful tuxies. Kerry is absolutely breaking my heart. A 15 year owner release. Gosh, I know I don’t know the story…but my heart is just aching for such a sweet and beautiful cat.


Poor Kerry. Senior owner surrenders make us sad. We know he’s in good hands, but we hope he finds a forever home for his golden years.

8 years ago

Oh that Kerry makes me so sad. How could someone do that but maybe they had to. Wish it wasn’t so far, I would love to take Kerry. I sure hope someone takes him. They are all so nice looking Tuxedos are one of my very favorites.
Maggie, thanks so much for that wonderful card. Also, I didn’t know that you did all that illustrating. I am going to go check it out. Have a great day and thanks again.

8 years ago

We are back, because our slack Person forgot to tell you how much we like that nip kitty. We are still playing with it. It was a huge hit and of course we love the treats. You were too nice to send us some good things.

8 years ago

How sad for Kerry to be parted from his elderly owner and we are praying that someone will see him and fall in love with him so he can end his days in a home filled with love.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

What handsome tuxies! And poor Kerry…to be a senior catizen and end up in a shelter. Why does that happen??

I love tuxies! My furiend just got herself a tuxie and he is the sweetest boy!!!! Thanks for linking up with us today for the parade!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

8 years ago

Love hearing that about the food providers and toy throwers as our Dad is one of those MOL
We always hate to hear about older kitties who are owner surrenders, but, in reality, it may be better for these oldsters to have chance at a real loving home.

8 years ago

They are all so lovely. I feel sad for Kerry and hope he will find forever home to spend many more years of happy life.

8 years ago

such handsome babies. Makes me beyond heartbroken that the 15 yr old was given up 🙁

8 years ago

We have a bias for black and white. So gorgeous are all these tuxies. So sad that the first guy was given up at 15 and that last cutie has been waiting all his life. Wish I could take them all in. Rascal and Rocco would not have it. Hoping for homes for all three.

8 years ago

Tuxies are GREAT! My mama was a tuxedo cat, you know.


8 years ago

All gorgeous! I hope the next owner release is karma release but good on those former Kerry owners. Poor sweet boy deserves better.

8 years ago

That is so sad to hear about Kerry coming to the shelter but so glad he is with the loving, caring PAWS. Our heart goes out to sweet, shy Rudy. Purrs and prayers for both to find wonderful forever homes.

8 years ago

Kerry, Biscuit and Rudy are such amazing boys. We spent some great quality time with them yesterday. I’m not sure why Kerry was returned to PAWS, but his gentle and trusting nature suggests that he was well-loved by his former humans. Purring for new homes soon!

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