Golden Girls


Two of our older ladies having a typical afternoon meeting of the Nap Club .


Holly is at least 12 years old. She’s a calm and gentle soul with a very soft coat.


Her equally good-natured friend Evangeline is estimated at 16 years old. They both came to PAWS as strays.

It would be wonderful if someone would adopt them and take them home. Meanwhile they’re much loved at PAWS.

14 thoughts on “Golden Girls”

  1. We LOVE Holly and Evangeline. Whenever we visit, I set up a towel right between those two beds. Then I lie down on the towel, pet them, and enjoy the snuggles and purrs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well, we are so glad that these two were found and at least are in PAWS now. They look very happy there and maybe someone will come along and give them a home. It is so sad to see older cats left outside. We have our paws crossed for you two.

  3. Oh such sweeties….
    Thank God they were found and are being cared for by the wonderful people at PAWS. We so hope that they have true forever homes very soon. So much love to give… (((purrs)))

  4. What sweet girls they both are. Sending them lots of purrs for finding a safe, loving forever home where they are truly cherished.

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