As Cute as a…



I just met seven month old Buttons this morning, and she’s already left the shelter for her new home. And there’s more very good news…

eGoodByeTessaTessa’s long wait for the perfect person and forever home is finally over. This beautiful cat with the luminous eyes made her first appearance here in May of 2011.
Goodbye sweet Tessa!

15 thoughts on “As Cute as a…”

  1. Buttons is really as cute as buttons 🙂
    I’m so happy that Tessa finally found her forever home! Wishing her a long happy life with her forever family xoxo

  2. Oh goodness, that is such good news that those two found their very own homes. We sure like hearing such good news. I bet Tessa is so happy. Take care and have a great day.

  3. Oh! Thank Goodness!
    And PAWS . . .
    and Staff
    and Volunteers
    and the Lovely People that adopted them!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Love good Mews!


  4. Buttons is so cute. It didn’t surprise us that he “graduated” quickly. 🙂

    We are just over the moon about Tessa! We love her so much, and we will miss seeing her at PAWS. But our joy far outweighs our sadness. She is such an awesome kitty, and now she finally has her very own forever home.

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