Shelter Cats

Who Done It?


While cleaning last week, I left Cat Room #1 for a few minutes. When I returned, this was on the floor.


Nassau claimed to have an alibi.


Molly said she was asleep, but those shifty eyes…


Pumpkin wasn’t talking.


Handsome Buddy in his new lion cut was offended that I even asked!

Who do you think done it?
I’ll have to take the fall for leaving the tempting paper towel roll on the floor.

These beautiful cats are all available at PAWS in Norwalk CT.

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8 years ago

Oh oh. 😉 It was definitely Somecat!

8 years ago

MOL They are all guilty, but I would have them all !!

8 years ago

What a great looking bunch! I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it!

8 years ago

We think they are all innocent…maybe a mousie was on the loose!

8 years ago

If we didn’t know better, we’d think Ernie teleported over and did that to the paper towels. Those other three look too innocent. 😉

8 years ago

If you figure out who did it, let me know, okay? There was an oddly similar lookin’ roll of paper found at our house not that long ago. Might have been the same cat.


8 years ago

Another case for Unsolved Mysteries.
One thing’s for sure…the suspects are ADORABLE!!!

8 years ago

I think they are ALL innocent!

8 years ago

I am going with Nassau as the culprit.
Just why would he have his alibi ready?

da da da dah • • •

8 years ago

I think they all look very innocent. It looks like whoever did it had a really good time. We sure do like your looks Buddy with your terrific Lion Cut. Have a great evening.

8 years ago

They’re all not guilty on account of their innocence!

8 years ago

We know all of those kitties, and we don’t think ANY of them was responsible for that paper towel shredding. They are all such wonderful, sweet and innocent cats. 🙂

8 years ago

If I didn’t live on west coast I would like to see these beauties in person.

Ah, the usual suspects. All innocent until proven guilty. The best sentence is a good forever home :-0

8 years ago

None of these honest kitties could be the culprit. MOL

8 years ago

Those faces say nothing but 100% INNOCENT to me!!

8 years ago

I, in fact, think they all look guilty! Love how you caught those facial expressions!!

8 years ago

Hmmm, they all look a little suspicious! But very cute!

8 years ago

Hey, paper towels are evil.. they were simply trying to save you!

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