Shelter Cats

Roxy and Tripper


How did a nice cat like me end up in a place like this?


Roxy is the svelte and lively ten year old on top.
Tripper is her big brother, and I do mean BIG. They came to PAWS as “owner release” cats, declawed and timid. But they are gentle friendly cats, now that they have become more comfortable with shelter life.


Roxy is ready for her close up!

Tripper is ready for a new home – but only if Roxy is by his side.

If you look back at the last three posts, you might think that all the cats at PAWS come in black and white pairs. Not true! Visit the PAWS CAT GALLERY to see the amazing variety of beautiful cats.

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What an adorable pair! We hope they find a wonderful forever home together.

8 years ago

Rosy and Tripper are such adorable kitties. They look so sweet! It breaks my heart to read “owned release” and “declawed.” I hope they find a warm home with caring and loving family together.

8 years ago

This world sure needs a better class of owners. Good luck sweet ones.

8 years ago

Roxy and Tripper are so, so sweet. It makes us sad that they were given up by their owners. But we are glad they are safe and loved at PAWS until they find their real forever home.

8 years ago

Awww, I hope they find homes together. It’s a shame that their owner had their fingers amputated and then released them.

8 years ago

My what great noses you both have!
I nose you will find a home soon, you are marvelous!


8 years ago

they are precious and their markings are soooooooo beautiful!

Ann Marie Stelma Graff
8 years ago

I wish I had room for them.

8 years ago

What darlings they are and although we are so sad for them being given away from their home we are glad they are with the loving people at PAWS and glad they have started to adjust. Big prayers for them to find a fabulous forever home together where they are truly cherished.

8 years ago

We think they must stay together as after all this time they could pine for their sibling.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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